Akihama Public Works Class: Guaranteed operation and reduced energy consumption

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The Qiubin Public Works Class of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory is an employee with an average length of service of 20Years of the team, this8The individual collective is responsible for the daily maintenance, operation maintenance and technical transformation of the Qiubin factory area, the artificial bezoar production line, the water station, the product development department and the whole factory area.

Study hard and continuously improve their own business level

As mechanics and electricians, they have to inspect the equipment on the production line every day. Where there is a failure, there will be mechanics. Tang Songnian, an electrician, said that when there were problems with the equipment on the production line of the Qiubin factory, they were all solved by themselves. One reason was that it took time to find the manufacturer's technicians to repair it, but the production could not afford to wait. Another reason is that the maintenance costs of the manufacturers are very high. In the face of urgent market demand, maintenance teams do not rely on each other to solve problems and ensure the normal production and supply of products.

At the beginning of the establishment of Qiubin Factory, a soft bag line, which was the most advanced at that time, was purchased and installed. All the equipment was imported from the United States. After installation, the commissioning and maintenance were all carried out by the personnel of the machine repair team. Because it is all imported, there is a problem with the equipment, not to mention that it takes a long time for the technicians of the manufacturers to repair, even the consultation is not so convenient, so only the mechanics and electricians can check the data and study the equipment themselves. However, the instructions are all in English, and Tang Songnian can only rely on translation software to understand the equipment of this production line according to their own experience and knowledge.

The employees of Qiubin Public Works Class are all old employees of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory. They have always attached great importance to the accumulation of experience, strengthened communication with equipment manufacturers in their daily work, combined with the characteristics of rapid equipment technology updates, and constantly learned new theoretical knowledge to improve their own business level. At the same time, according to the actual production needs, analyze the problems and improve the equipment, while ensuring product quality, further improve production efficiency and equipment operation rate, and reduce energy consumption. When working hours are busy, everyone uses the time after work to study. They feel that technology is constantly improving. If they do not strengthen their own learning, they will be eliminated by this society.

Give full play to one's own advantages and actively carry out technological innovation

The Qiubin factory was built earlier, and the equipment on the production line was the most advanced at that time, but according to the current process requirements, sometimes the energy consumption of the equipment will be affected. In the face of such equipment, team members start from the standardization of production safety, try every means to use good equipment, optimize and transform the equipment, give full play to the maximum benefits of the equipment, and lay a solid foundation for production and operation. 2019In the year, the Qiubin public works and mechanic electrician team made remarkable achievements in energy saving and consumption reduction, and increased the production of preparations and raw materials respectively throughout the year.10%,50%In the case of reduced power consumption26.6Ten thousand, year-on-year decline17.5%.

According to the problems found in the usual inspection and daily production, the staff of the team reformed the cold water control system that had been paralyzed for many years. On the premise of not changing the function of the original design drawings, the staff of the team adopted frequency conversion technology to change the running speed of the motor, and added the automatic timing function of equipment operation. After the transformation, the power consumption of chilled water decreased by 67%Cooling pump down72%. The cooling tower is equipped with a frequency conversion device, which changes the frequency to reduce the motor speed, and adds an automatic timing function to reduce energy consumption.86%; For sewage treatment system24The blower that runs continuously every hour is equipped with a frequency conversion device to adjust the speed, thereby reducing the electric energy, and the operation timing function is installed to reduce the energy consumption44%The transformation of external steam supply and drainage pipes makes it possible to save steam costs throughout the year.16.3Ten thousand yuan, the amount of decline34%; Through the transformation of water supply pipelines and the adjustment of water consumption methods in water stations, adjust the parameters of the concentrated water discharge control valve to reduce concentrated water emissions, increase the output of qualified water, and reduce water consumption……

The transformation of these equipment, or maintenance personnel in the daily inspection, equipment maintenance, or water station staff in the operation process, through daily observation, and then according to their own experience analysis put forward reasonable suggestions. The workshop conducts a reasonableness assessment based on these recommendations, and then implements the responsibility for rectification. Tang Songnian said that these renovations were designed, drawn drawings, bought materials and installed and renovated by themselves. Since they are all changed on the original basis, the scope involved will be wider than that of the newly installed equipment, and there will be more restrictions and considerations. Therefore, it will take several days to draw the drawings for each transformation. Time, repeated modifications can be completed, which is also the most energy-consuming link in the transformation process.

The employees of the public works class have a strong sense of belonging to the enterprise. They really take the enterprise as their home and think for the enterprise from the heart. This is also the influence of the peak culture accumulated for a long time. In normal work, all employees actively find problems in their own jobs, put forward reasonable suggestions, reduce energy consumption while ensuring the normal operation of equipment, reduce costs for enterprises from all aspects, and enhance product competitiveness.