"Unsealing" is about to talk about "immunity"

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3Month 24On the same day, the Hubei Province novel coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters issued a notice: from.3Month25From zero o'clock on the day, areas outside Wuhan will be released from the control of the passage away from Hubei. From4Month8From 0:00, Wuhan City lifted the control measures of the passage from Han to E.3Month25On the 1st, Wuhan's first "subway to spring" resumed operation. Hubei "restart", Wuhan "unsealed", officially entered the countdown.

The "epidemic" of the war has brought irreparable pain to the Chinese people and caused huge losses to the Chinese economy. At present, "unsealing" is imminent, we should also calm down and seriously reflect on how to face all kinds of uncertain and sudden tests in the future.

As the director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University and the leader of the Shanghai Medical Treatment Expert Group, Dr. Zhang Wenhong, the "New Internet Celebrity", has repeatedly stated, "Before the special antiviral drugs come out, the most effective drug is human immunity. Now what the medical staff do is not only to help all the patients who come in for treatment and isolate the virus, but also to help the patients survive for two weeks. After two weeks, the patient's own antibodies will rise. The doctor's job is to help the patient get through this stage."

Indeed, in the face of the "indiscriminate blow" of the new crown virus, some people are fine, some are sick; some of the sick people are well, some are unfortunately dead; some of the people who are well, some are slow. The difference of individual immunity formed by age, physical fitness, hygiene habits and other factors has played a decisive role in this "war epidemic" without specific drugs.

Similar to life's epidemics, the unprecedented prolonged economic shutdown has brought another sense of the epidemic to many businesses. The extended holiday is not over yet, and a succession of companies have posted announcements of bankruptcy and closure on the Internet, and there are even more people struggling on the line of life and death. Some experts have pointed out that the epidemic has broken the established work arrangements of almost all enterprises, and the resulting changes in the internal and external environment may be a watershed for many enterprises.

Usually in the operation of enterprises, almost every enterprise manager will say, to strengthen internal control, reduce costs, increase efficiency. However, when the development of the industry and the market is in good times, many things that are not in place will be covered up. When the market growth is not obvious or decline, what does the enterprise adjust? Rely on efficiency, rely on layout. If you do the same thing faster and earlier than others, you will become active; if you layout different things earlier and faster, you will get the first opportunity.

In a crisis, survival is the key, and to be able to survive, one of the ways out is model innovation. Business models, business models, operation management models and work models all need innovation. Because the epidemic prevention and control needs to delay the resumption of work, many enterprises to start the "new construction" mode, so that employees at home, online, on the job to start work or study, to help employees with the new work mode to enter the working state. The remote online work model not only solves the problem of delayed resumption of work but also provides a new possibility for a large number of employees eager to return to work and enter a normal life.

The epidemic has completely changed the external environment in which companies operate, and most of the business models and business models that companies were familiar with before the epidemic may not be suitable in the face of the epidemic. Even many companies that are themselves online models will encounter various unprecedented challenges such as affordability, technical capabilities, rapid response capabilities, changes in the industrial chain and value network, which require companies to abandon the original model and create new models. If the company is still relying on the traditional model for development and does not make a fundamental change, its development will be restricted or even eliminated; if it can quickly transform itself, turn the crisis into self-change, and seek opportunities for new development, it will Usher in a new development.

With the unremitting efforts of scientists, specific drugs will be born one day, so that we can firmly "lock the new coronavirus in the cage". However, for enterprises, it is always unknown when, how and to what extent the future test will come, and there will never be any specific drugs for the treatment of enterprises' diseases. If we want to successfully survive the inevitable "epidemics" in the future, we can only constantly "exercise", improve the "immunity" of enterprises ".