Recruitment continues during the outbreak.

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Pharmaceutical Companies Unlock New Skills for Recruiting

 In order to ensure the normal development of recruitment work, recently, pharmaceutical companies have turned the main battlefield of recruitment to the Internet.

After the Spring Festival is the peak period of social and campus recruitment, affected by the epidemic, this year's job fairs and other concentrated activities suspended, the traditional on-site interview due to the epidemic can not be carried out. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies use different methods to recruit online through video interviews.

In addition to the fixed cooperation recruitment website, the pharmaceutical company has also registered the account number of the cloud employment enterprise school recruitment management platform, from 300Select suitable schools from many colleges and universities to carry out online recruitment activities. At the same time, in order to deepen the brand influence of the enterprise among the student group, Jin Huazhong, Secretary of the Party committee of the pharmaceutical company, also carried out live air propaganda on the cloud platform of Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine and the school of chemistry and life sciences of Zhejiang Normal University, so as to publicize and instill corporate culture, values, employment concept and staff's rising space to attract more accurate student groups. For suitable candidates, pharmaceutical companies use video conferencing software to adoptComputer+large projection screen+Mobile phone small screencomprehensive ability of job seekers.

At present, the pharmaceutical company has completed three video interviews and two live lectures, involving drug synthesis and QC.,QARecruitment of personnel for positions such as finance.