National War "Epidemic"

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To those infected with COVID-19

The wind and clouds are unpredictable since the old saying, the flat disaster new crown is approaching.

All up and down are concerned, Thor Vulcan anti-epidemic.

Innocent infection flying disease, lucky enough to live a lifesaver.

The wonderful hand rejuvenates Sai Hua Tuo and converts the crisis into a new journey of opportunity.


Tribute to the White Angel


Warm-blooded Dan Xin He mission, Bai Yi Su Jia resigned.

The only way to fight is to drive the epidemic and to go all out to protect the living.

Life and death have been set aside, survival and death are all in one mind.

The industry loves the post and the day, and the triumphant class teacher is famous.


The great powers bear the responsibility and dare to shoulder the burden of saving lives and healing the wounded.

Offer me a strategy to save the endangered population.

Science and technology without borders, the global village.

There will be a day when the new epidemic will be overcome, and the people of all countries will send the god of plague.


Tribute to Community Volunteers


A catastrophe fell from the sky, and the whole people mobilized to protect their health.

It is difficult to cut off the source of the disease and need help in daily life.

Rice rape meat poultry egg milk, order to transport sub-basket bag basket.

Closed door closed for temporary rest, supply responsibility shoulder.


Ping An giant net four square cover, the whole country up and down to listen to the central.

The children of the owner asked for a dream, and the western neighbor prayed for a prescription.

Liaison coordination flower spirit, running errands for the neighborhood.

Ande residents have no worries, what's the harm of getting wider and wider. (North Mountain Woodcutter)