Pharmaceutical Factory Summarizes Safety and Environmental Work in First Quarter

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4Month27On the same day, the peak pharmaceutical factory held a first-quarter safety committee meeting to summarize the safety and environmental protection work in the first quarter. At the meeting, the safety and environment department of the pharmaceutical factory conveyed the spirit of the regular meeting and collective warning meeting for high-risk industries of Wucheng district emergency management bureau, and arranged and implemented the recent safety and environmental protection work, mainly discussing the review of safety standardization, the construction of voluntary rescue teams and how to implement the main responsibility of safety and environmental protection in workshops of various departments.

Zhang Baoping, deputy director of the pharmaceutical factory in charge of safety and environmental protection, summarized and analyzed the safety and environmental protection work in the first quarter, with special emphasis on the management of attempted accidents and hazardous wastes, and made a report on GB 30871-2014.Interpretation of Safety Specifications for Special Operations of Chemical Production Units and Criteria for Determination of Major Hazards.

Zheng Kunwu, director of the pharmaceutical factory, further clarified the prevention and control of the epidemic, the implementation of the system, the management of hazardous chemicals, accident management, risk management, and the construction of emergency teams, and required all workshop departments to implement the theme responsibility.

After the meeting, all members of the safety committee also conducted a closed-book examination of safety and environmental protection related knowledge.