Pharmaceutical Factory Comes to Pharmaceutical University "Quasi-New Person"

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"Thank you very much for the careful arrangement of our internship by the leaders of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical. We must study hard and strive to complete the internship on schedule with excellent results." From4Month14Since then, three students from China Pharmaceutical University, Tang Yanqi, Zhang Siyuan and Zhou Wenbao, started their pre-graduation internship in Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory.

    The three students were 11 last year.In order to ensure the smooth and practical results of their internship, Jin Huazhong, secretary of the party Committee of the pharmaceutical company, and Jiang Hong, deputy general manager of the pharmaceutical company, specially coordinated with the head of the pharmaceutical factory and the internship instructor to implement the responsibilities, and made proper arrangements for the students' life, work, graduation internship, thesis writing, safety and other aspects. Jin Huazhong requires relevant internship units and instructors to earnestly shoulder the responsibility of helping students complete internship tasks with high quality, carry forward the tradition of "passing, helping, and taking", and impart knowledge and experience without reservation, so that they can learn something. It is also hoped that the three students will cherish the internship opportunities, actively ask questions, think about problems, and solve problems with the intern teacher, so that they can be trained in the internship, lay a good foundation for the formal work in the future.