Jianfeng Pharmaceuticals ranks among the top 50 creative enterprises in Jinhua

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     4Month26Japan is World Intellectual Property Day. Jinhua City released the list of "Top 50 Creative Enterprises" for the first time. Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company made the list and ranked second among enterprises in Jinhua Development Zone.

The selection of creative enterprises, the enterprise holds the effective invention patent as the main indicator. Over the years, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has taken "intellectual property rights help enterprise development, and scientific and technological innovation creates a century-old peak" as the company's intellectual property policy. It has actively cooperated with China Pharmaceutical University, Sichuan Institute of Antibiotic Industry, Zhejiang University of Technology, Xiamen University and other units to build a scientific research and innovation platform integrating production, learning and research, and flexibly introduced Academician Wang Guangji and Academician Shan Weiguang with the chief scientist system, according to the direction of enterprise development strategy to carry out scientific research work, and achieved fruitful results. 2019In the year, Peak Pharmaceuticals applied for a patent for an invention.2item; obtaining a patent grant5Item, where the invention1item. Cutoff2019At the end of the year, Spike Pharmaceuticals has accumulated patent licenses.37(includingPCTPatent2item), where the invention28items; existing valid patents35Item, where the invention26item.

    In recent years, in order to better integrate with the international market, Peak Pharmaceuticals has been developing a new class of drug DPT.Made a perfect patent layout, the core patent throughPCTThe application channel applied for patent protection in many countries, and finally obtained authorization in the high-level United States and Japan, laying a good foundation for the products to enter these two overseas high-end markets. At the same time, around the core patents, applied for formulations, crystal patents and obtained invention patent authorization.5item. In addition, the pharmaceutical company has also formulated a patent acquisition plan for other varieties under research, and implemented patent applications as planned; comprehensive patent applications have been conducted and authorized for products in production (sales) to ensure scientific research results and improve product recovery Value and reputation.

    In order to make intellectual property rights better create benefits for enterprises, pharmaceutical companies actively respond to government advocacy, high-value patents for patent pledge loans, a total of more than 1.5.At the same time, it is also trying to create a new model for the cooperation between enterprises and scientific research institutions.