Tianjin Jianfeng Natural Products Company presided over the formulation of apple extract business standards for release and implementation

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The international business standard for apple extract, which was formulated under the leadership of Tianjin Jianfeng Natural Products Company, was finally revised a few days ago and officially released and implemented on July 1.

Plant extracts are widely used in food, medicine and chemical industry, and are the main force in the export of traditional Chinese medicine products in China. In recent years, as the United States and other countries have become more and more stringent in the import supervision of plant extracts, my country's plant extract products have ended the rapid growth of exports for many years and entered a period of adjustment. The entire industry urgently needs to improve the quality level and establish and improve industry standards. Otherwise, in the international market generally improve the quality of food and drug regulatory standards of the environment, China's plant extract industry standards are not perfect, compatibility with international standards is not strong, resulting in exports easily affected. Faced with the dual pressure of strengthening international supervision and weak exports, since 2012, the China Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce has organized domestic outstanding plant extract companies to jointly develop the "International Business Standards for Plant Extracts. Since the first batch of international business standards for plant extracts were formulated and released in 2013, it has played a good role in promoting the development of the entire extract industry. The formulation and launch of plant extract standards conform to the trend of formulating competitive group standards proposed by the National Standards Committee, and fill the gaps in national standards and industry standards. It is not only conducive to plant extract companies to open up domestic and foreign markets, but also create a good The industry environment plays a huge role. At present, business standards have become one of the considerations for relevant international customers to measure product quality, and even become a reference for inspection and quarantine at some ports.

As a leading enterprise in China's plant extract industry, Jianfeng Natural Products Company has always paid attention to the expansion of the international market and participated in the formulation of business standards earlier. As early as 2015, Natural Products Company served as the team leader and presided over the release of the Commercial Standard for Grape Seed Extract (Grape Seed Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins). This time, I presided over the formulation of the international business standard for apple extract. The natural product company fully communicated with the major domestic manufacturers and finally determined the standard. After the review and expert review by the authoritative organization designated by the Chamber of Commerce, the revision was finally completed. After one month of publicity, it was officially released and implemented on July 1.

Over the past few years, the formulation and release of plant extract business standards has become an important standard basis for China's foreign trade, which is conducive to Chinese enterprises in the plant extract trade to master the right to speak in negotiations. In the future, natural products companies will continue to pay close attention to and participate in the formulation of business standards for plant extracts, and strive for more initiative for the development of the international market. (Mu Ruixin)

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The organization of international business standards for plant extracts is in accordance with GB/20004.1-2016According to the requirements of "Group Standardization Part 1: Guide to Good Conduct" and GB/T20003.1-2014 "Special Procedures for Standard Formulation Part 1: Standards Involving Patents", variety selection follows the market demand. The form and content of the standards are based on authoritative standards at home and abroad such as "Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China (2015 Edition)" and "USP39-NF34", and firmly grasps the development of drug quality control at home and abroad. The review work invited relevant persons from the China Institute for Food and Drug Control, domestic core scientific research institutes, and the standards collection department of the United States Pharmacopoeia Commission, forming a strong team of experts. At the same time, the standard will be constantly revised and updated with changes in the industry. At present, 4 batches of plant extract business standards have been released, which has played an important role in promoting the internationalization of China's extract industry.