Revisiting the May 4th History and Inheriting the May 4th Spirit Pharmaceutical Company and Youth League Members

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In Commemoration of the May 4th Movement101Anniversary, review the history of the May Fourth Movement, carry forward the May Fourth spirit of "patriotism, progress, democracy, and science", and inspire and lead the majority of league members and young employees to have a positive attitude.4Month29DayThe Youth League Committee of the Pharmaceutical Company held a forum with the theme of "reviewing the history of the May 4th Movement and inheriting the spirit of the May 4th Movement.

Many members and young employees from pharmaceutical headquarters, pharmaceutical factories, pharmaceutical companies, large pharmacies and sales companies attended the meeting. At the meeting, the Youth League members watched the May 4th Movement 100The anniversary documentary "May Fourth Memory" relives the years of burning passion. Based on their own jobs and their own needs, the youth league members exchanged views on how to inherit and carry forward the "May Fourth Spirit" in corporate work and how to carry out activities to better show the positive outlook of the league members and young employees. The employees spoke actively and expressed their ideas according to their actual work.

Jin Huazhong, secretary of the party committee of the pharmaceutical company, attended the meeting and had an in-depth exchange of questions and ideas raised by employees. He said that the spirit precipitated in the May Fourth Movement has inspired generations of young people to integrate their personal blood and dreams into the development of the country and society. In today's peaceful times, such a spirit is more worthy of inheritance. Reviewing the May 4th Movement is very exciting. Youth League members should learn from the passionate and positive qualities of the youth of that era, ask themselves what they can bring to the enterprise, adapt to the environment of the enterprise, and have the courage to change the plight of their work. Jinhua hopes that employees will carry forward positive energy in their future work and study, show a positive mental outlook and shoulder the responsibilities entrusted by the times, and contribute their own strength in difficulties.