Pharmaceutical marketing "five swords" to promote the overall management system

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30 AprilOn the afternoon of the 15th, the pharmaceutical sales company organized all employees to hold a meeting on the study and specific implementation of the five management systems through DingTalk online meetings.

In order to further promote the system construction, further standardize the enterprise management, and ensure the implementation of all work in the sales market. Recently, the pharmaceutical company issued the "Zhejiang Jianfeng pharmaceutical co., ltd. major contract management measures", "Zhejiang Jianfeng pharmaceutical co., ltd. sales contract classification management measures", "Zhejiang Jianfeng pharmaceutical co., ltd. sales company dealer performance bond management system" and "Zhejiang Jianfeng pharmaceutical co., ltd. sales company price authorization management measures (2020) Annual "Zhejiang Peak Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. sales company accounts receivable management system", to carry out a comprehensive management system to improve the work. In order to further deepen employees' understanding of these five systems and better implement the specific implementation work, the pharmaceutical sales company specially organized this meeting.

Huang Jinlong, deputy general manager of the group company and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, attended the meeting. He pointed out that in line with the principle of standardizing business behavior, reducing business risks and increasing sales profits, the pharmaceutical company will comprehensively implement the five major management systems, supervise, inspect and assess the implementation of the sales company, and hope that the sales company will put the management system in place and constantly promote the standardization of marketing work.

At the meeting, Zhou Wenyi, general manager of the pharmaceutical sales company, and the employees learned these five management systems together, and said that they would handle various daily operations in a fair and just manner in accordance with the system.