Pharmaceutical Factory Organize Training of Dangerous Chemicals Practitioners

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In order to improve the theoretical knowledge and practical operation level of safety technology for special operations personnel, according to the "the People's Republic of China Safety Production Law" and "Special Operations Personnel Safety Technology Training Assessment Management Regulations" and other laws and regulations,5Month8Day9On the same day, the peak pharmaceutical factory organized the central laboratory, product development department, pharmaceutical factory related positions staff.130Many people, hazardous chemicals related knowledge training.

This training invited Huang Dadong, a safety production education trainer in Zhejiang Province, the contents include overview of hazardous chemicals, classification and characteristics of hazardous chemicals, safety signs of hazardous chemicals, safe production technology of hazardous chemicals, "three elements" of combustion, types of ignition sources, anti-virus principles and basic requirements, overview of safe production management, laws and regulations on safe production, rights and obligations of employees in safe production, basic knowledge of fire and explosion prevention, risks in the production and labor process of enterprises, and how employees prevent accidents and rescue themselves from accident environment wait. During the training, the participants were also organized to conduct theoretical examinations in batches.