Pharmaceutical sales for pharmaceutical transportation logistics bidding

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5Month22On the same day, the pharmaceutical sales company held a2020Annual Drug Transport Logistics Tender Meeting.

The bidding meeting was organized by the pharmaceutical sales company, with the participation of the audit performance management department of the group company, the relevant leaders of the pharmaceutical company, and the financial and logistics personnel of the sales company. The bidding invitation team shall perform the internal decision-making procedures of the enterprise, adopt the research methods of weight pricing and initial pricing according to the needs of the drug sales plan, do a good job in market research and data analysis of the bidding logistics and transportation routes, and formulate detailed bidding plans in accordance with the relevant regulations and bidding rules of the company to ensure that the bidding process is open, fair and just.

At the bidding meeting, Xu Junxiong, executive deputy general manager of the pharmaceutical sales company, explained in detail the bidding rules, logistics and transportation routes, and special drug delivery requirements, uniformly produced and distributed quotations in accordance with the company's regulations, and adopted a transparent quotation method, in accordance with the"The one with the lower price getsPrinciple, determine the winning transport company. After three rounds of intense price competition, the final exclusive bid by Weiyuan Logistics and Transportation Company was successful and determined.2020Annual logistics and transportation prices, the annual logistics costs decreased significantly, for pharmaceutical sales companies.2020Drug sales and transportation services to lay a convenient, fast, high-quality and efficient logistics and transportation foundation.