Pharmaceutical factory organizes training on relevant knowledge of drug packaging materials

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In order to improve the quality of production procurement management personnel on the understanding of drugs and new drug packaging materials,5Month26Day, Peak Pharmaceutical Factory Organization.QAThe management department, the central laboratory, workshop management personnel and procurement personnel have been trained on the knowledge of pharmaceutical packaging materials.

Wei Xiaobo, quality director of Suzhou Haishun Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., was invited to give lectures on the training, which included the interpretation of regulations on pharmaceutical packaging materials by the State Food and Drug Administration, the registration and review and approval process of raw and auxiliary package registration materials, the quality management guide for pharmaceutical packaging materials production, and ChinaComparison of drug packaging materials management in Europe and the United States, introduction of regulations on contact materials, introduction of national standards for drug packaging materials and problems encountered in product declaration. Through the training, the production quality purchasing personnel have a deeper understanding of the laws and regulations related to pharmaceutical packaging materials, and have more clear guidance on the increase of suppliers of pharmaceutical packaging materials and the establishment of quality standards for pharmaceutical packaging materials encountered in future work.