Spike Pharmaceuticals and its products won the annual "War Epidemic Double Star"

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Recently,2020Annual Pharmaceutical IndustryEpidemic Star of WarThe results of the public welfare selection campaign were announced, and Zhejiang Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company and its products, Penciclovir for injection, were also selected as the annualDouble Star of War and Epidemic.

Since the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Chinese pharmaceutical companies have shown their due commitment and dedication to the prevention and control of the epidemic, donating money and materials, developing drugs and developing vaccines. Bearing in mind the enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to the prevention and control of this epidemic, 4Month24Day, sponsored by the Medical Observer.2020Annual Pharmaceutical IndustryEpidemic Star of WarThe public welfare selection activity was officially opened, which lasted for more than a month and was selected separately.10Home2020AnnualEpidemic Star of WarThe most socially responsible pharmaceutical companies and10One2020AnnualEpidemic Star of WarBric varieties.

As a listed company with a sense of social responsibility, Jianfeng Group puts"Moral responsibility to help the worldAs a corporate purpose, at the beginning of the outbreak, it took the initiative to support the prevention and control of the epidemic. According to incomplete statistics, Peak Pharmaceuticals and its subsidiaries donate cash to medical institutions in Jinhua, Anhui and other places through various channels.70million, as well as protective clothing, gloves, medical masks, disinfectants and other medical supplies. In addition to targeted donations to medical institutions, at the beginning of the outbreak, the majority of employees of Peak Pharmaceuticals and its affiliated Jinhua Pharmaceutical Company and Peak Pharmacy gave up rest and organized the purchase of masks, alcohol, thermal guns, disinfectants, protective clothing and other epidemic prevention supplies through various channels.

Penciclovir for injection, a product of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical, is the latest dosage form of ring-opening nucleoside anti-herpes virus drugs. It only works on virus-infected cells in the body and is effective on a variety of viruses. It has the characteristics of fast onset, long half-life and small side effects. Because of its excellent performance, during the outbreak, Hubei and other regions have increased procurement efforts, and was included in the "Henan Province new coronavirus infection pneumonia prevention and control work drug industry guarantee list (second phase)."

This time"Epidemic Star of WarThe selection activity also received strong support from various organizations such as China Pharmaceutical Materials Association, National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, China Pharmaceutical Quality Management Association, China Chinese Medicine Association, National Pharmaceutical Elite Club, etc., as well as Toutiao, Sohu Health, Sina Health, the pharmaceutical industry, Many WeChat public platforms and other media have widely supported and received extensive attention and participation from people from all walks of life.