Pharmaceutical Factory Launching Fire Evacuation Exercise

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In order to further enhance employees' awareness of fire safety, so that employees can better understand and master the relevant knowledge of fire prevention, fire fighting and escape, and understand the danger of fire and its harm,5Month29On the 1st, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory organized staff from logistics departments and central laboratories to conduct fire training and evacuation drills.

This training invited teacher sheng of Jinhua city city fire prevention center to give lectures, including fire classification, hazards and characteristics of electrical fire, types of fire extinguishers, correct use of protective masks, and necessary fire fighting equipment for safety. Mr. sheng also analyzed the cause of the fire and the best time and method to escape from the fire in combination with videos and cases.

In addition to theoretical knowledge training, the pharmaceutical factory also organized the trainees to conduct evacuation drills in the Jinxi factory area. The exercise simulated a fire in the office building. After hearing the radio notice, the employees were evacuated along the safe passage to"Safety area. At the end of the exercise, the leaders of the command team commented on the exercise.

Before that, 5.Month19On the 1st, the Safety and Environmental Protection Department of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory organized full-time and part-time safety officers to conduct safety inspections on the central laboratory, raw material workshop, dangerous goods storage tank area, sewage treatment station, powder injection workshop, comprehensive preparation workshop and other sites in Jinxi Factory.

The inspection team focused on detailed and comprehensive inspections of workshop equipment and facilities, safety and environmental protection facilities, electrical instruments, key devices, key parts, warning signs, fire-fighting facilities, fire-fighting passages and emergency evacuation, whether safety exits are unblocked, and protective equipment. The ledger data mainly check the safety production responsibility system, post operation procedures, safety inspection and hidden danger rectification, safety production system, inspection ledger for key parts of key devices, hazard source control, safety training and education system, etc. The inspection team summarized the problems in this inspection and put forward rectification opinions.

This form of safety inspection is helpful for the full-time and part-time safety officers to implement the safety responsibilities, further strengthen the interactive communication between the workshops and departments of the factory, and improve the professional level of the full-time and part-time safety officers.