Pharmaceutical sales to carry out online product knowledge training

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In order to enable sales personnel in various sectors to improve their business capabilities and accelerate product market development,4At the beginning of the month-5At the end of the month, the marketing department of the pharmaceutical sales company continuously organized the sales staff of each section of the company to carry out online product knowledge and business skills training during the regular meeting.

This training mainly focuses on the new product olopatadine hydrochloride eye drops and the application scope of sodium hyaluronate eye drops, forming the concept of full coverage of conjunctivitis eye diseases. The marketing department continuously updates the learning materials, and the training content is closer to the first-line market. It sorts out and exchanges the training varieties in detail through the mechanism of action, product advantages, combined drug use, competition analysis, market prospect and sales breakthrough points, so as to provide ammunition support for the development and promotion of new products for sales personnel. After training, the marketing department also uses"National Examination AssistantWeChat small program, the sales staff online assessment, test the learning results of sales staff.

This training enriches the product knowledge of the sales staff, improves the business ability, and lays a solid foundation for further market work.