Pharmaceutical companies organize drug management laws and regulations training

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In order to strengthen the supervision and management of pharmaceutical production and standardize the order of pharmaceutical production,6Month5On the 15th, the pharmaceutical company organized the management team, the pharmaceutical factory, the central laboratory, the production technology department, the research and development department and other relevant employees to conduct training and study on the newly revised "Measures for Supervision and Administration of Drug Production" and "Measures for Administration of Drug Registration.

This training was interpreted by authoritative experts through online publicity, the content includes the revision background, revision ideas, revision process, main contents, contents to be explained, arrangements for the next stage, drug production license system, drug traceability system, drug production requirements, division of drug production supervision powers, quality responsibility of listing license holders in the whole process, how to treat drug registration management measures, registration classification, industry impact of clinical trial system reform, OTCDrug registration system, shorten the review time limit on the impact of the industry, the original auxiliary package related review reform, the impact of the original auxiliary package related review reform on the industry, the main responsibility of the applicant, etc. During the training, the participants also conducted a theoretical examination.