Pharmaceutical company organizes disinfectant-related knowledge training

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In order to improve the production, quality and other related personnel to the type of disinfectant and disinfectant effectiveness of the degree of understanding, standardize the use of disinfectants,6Month16On the same day, the pharmaceutical company organized the production technology department,,QAThe management department, central laboratory, workshop management personnel and production front-line employees have carried out training on the use of disinfectants and the effectiveness verification of disinfectants.

This training invited Huang Xun, product manager of Aoxing Group, to give a lecture. The contents include introduction of disinfectant types, selection of disinfectant, rotation cycle of disinfectant, selection of disinfectant verification microorganisms, verification of simulated field disinfection effect, verification of disinfectant conforming to EU standards and Chinese standards, and evaluation of post-disinfection effect.

Through this training, production, QAandQCThe personnel are familiar with the types of disinfectants and the selection and rotation cycle of disinfectants, standardize the methods of disinfectant use, verify that the personnel have mastered the methods of disinfectant effectiveness verification, and provide clear guidance for the establishment of disinfectant detection methods and the use of disinfectants in the future. At the training site, the trainees also discussed with the teachers some problems in the use of disinfectants encountered in the work.