Revisiting the Oath of Joining the Party and Listening to Special Party Lessons

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    Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Party Committee Commemorates Party Building99Anniversary

To celebrate the founding of the Communist Party of China99The anniversary,6Month28In the afternoon, the Party Committee of the Peak Pharmaceutical Company held a special commemorative event,100More than one party member reviewed the oath of joining the party and listened to the special party class "Why can the Communist Party of China" by Professor Zhang Wecai of the Party School of Jinhua Municipal Party Committee.

    At the beginning of the activity, Jin Huazhong, secretary of the Party Committee of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical, led all the participating party members to review the oath of joining the Party. He emphasized that the oath of joining the party is a solemn promise of every party member. As a party member, you must not forget your original intention, and compare the content of the oath in your work and life, constantly review, constantly reflect, strengthen self-examination, and use practical actions to fulfill your commitment to the party. Promise.

    2019Year 4Month17During his inspection in Chongqing, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "We must focus on major issues such as why the Communist Party of China can, why Marxism can, and why socialism with Chinese characteristics is good, extensively carry out publicity and education, and strengthen ideological and public opinion guidance." In order to enable party members to have a deeper understanding and understanding of this, the party committee of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical invited Professor Zhang Wengcai, member of the School Affairs Committee and dean of the Jinhua Municipal Party School, to give a special lecture entitled "Why the Communist Party of China can. Professor Zhang reviewed the glorious history and great achievements of the Communist Party of China, combining theory with examples and current affairs, and expounded from the aspects of the Communist Party of China taking the people as the center, keeping in mind the mission of seeking happiness for the people, having the courage to self revolution and having historical responsibility. The content of his lectures was profound and simple, the classroom atmosphere was serious and earnest, and Party members were deeply enlightened.

After the lecture, Jin Huazhong said in his concluding speech that the purpose of holding this commemorative event is to make all party members keep their vows in mind, strengthen theoretical guidance, strengthen ideals and beliefs, consciously practice the theme education of "not forgetting the original intention and keeping in mind the mission", and enhance all party members. Self-confidence in the road, theory, system, and culture. He stressed that the successful experience of the Communist Party of China, as a great organization, is of great practical significance to the reform and development of enterprises. Party organizations at all levels of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical should further strengthen the building of party branches and party members, give further play to the political core role of party organizations and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, promote the production and operation of enterprises with party building, and unite the broad masses of party members, cadres and all staff. devote more enthusiasm, higher morale and more pragmatic style to all kinds of work, and strive to achieve the annual work goals of the pharmaceutical company, together to build a better peak pharmaceutical industry.