Party members in pharmaceutical factories learn honesty and self-discipline guidelines

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 6Month18On the 15th, the party branch of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory held a meeting of party members to organize all party members to study the Chinese Communist Party's integrity and self-discipline guidelines and disciplinary regulations.

Zhang Dongdong, a member of the branch of the pharmaceutical factory, interpreted the integrity and self-discipline norms of party members and party members and leading cadres, disciplinary actions against illegal and criminal party members, and sanctions against violations of political discipline, organizational discipline, integrity and self-discipline, work discipline, and life discipline. The notice of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission on the issuance of the "Implementation Plan for the Rectification of State-owned Enterprise Party Members" and the ten red lines for Party Member Management in Jinhua City.

Dai Jinxiao, secretary of the branch of the pharmaceutical factory, requires all party members to firmly establish the party constitution, party rules and party discipline awareness, strictly abide by national laws and regulations, and keep discipline."Bottom line, red line, take the initiative to comprehensively enhance their own consciousness, have the courage to take responsibility, dare to be true, set an example, safeguard the overall situation of the enterprise with practical actions, and play an exemplary and leading role among the masses. All Party members also signed the letter of commitment to strictly abide by the rules and discipline of Party members in Jinhua state-owned enterprises.