Information medicine representative, riding the wind and waves or no way back?

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In 2019, the pharmaceutical industry lamented that "2019 is destined to be an extraordinary year in Chinese history", because "4 7" volume procurement is sweeping the country. At the beginning of 2020, a crisis came suddenly, and the medical people "woke up" and 2019 actually had a good time.

What followed was the salary adjustment, KPI adjustment, and even the dissolution of the sales team and layoffs of major pharmaceutical companies......

However, everything seems to be just the beginning.

Policy:The wolf really came.

Pharmaceutical representatives have existed in China for more than 30 years, and this profession introduced by foreign-funded enterprises may be destined to be "redefined".

It was not until the 2015 edition of the occupational classification ceremony that the professional identity of "medical representatives" was confirmed for the first time in the "national occupational classification.

Subsequently, a series of restrictive policies for medical representatives have been introduced:

At the end of 2016, all localities were the first to introduce restrictions on "medical representatives. For example, in December 2016, the Hunan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission announced the "Five Prohibitions" for Medical Practitioners, stipulating that sales personnel are not allowed to enter the diagnosis and treatment area to engage in the promotion of drugs, equipment and other commodities, and medical personnel are not allowed to receive sales personnel in the diagnosis and treatment area. promotion.

In February 2017, the General Office of the State Council formally issued the Opinions on Further Reforming and Improving Drug Production, Circulation and Use Policies, which clearly stated for the first time that medical representatives can only engage in academic promotion, technical consultation and other activities, and shall not undertake drug sales tasks. Personal credit record. For the first time, it was clearly stated that the food and drug regulatory authorities should strengthen the management of medical representatives, establish a registration and filing system for medical representatives, and disclose the filing information in a timely manner.

In December 2017, CFDA (now NMPA) and the Health and Family Planning Commission (now the Health Commission) jointly announced the "Administrative Measures for the Registration and Filing of Medical Representatives (Trial) (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)", which made detailed arrangements for the registration and filing management of medical representatives and formally solicited opinions from the public for the first time.

In the past three years, there has been no substantial progress in the above policies.

Until June 5, 2020, the NMPA of the State Drug Administration once again issued the "Administrative Measures for the Filing of Pharmaceutical Representatives (Trial) (Draft for Comments)".

Compared with the previous edition, the administrative measures for the record of medical representatives have been solicited for the second time. Compared with the previous edition, major changes have been made in many aspects, such as the qualification of medical representatives, the responsibility of the subject of filing, the handling of violations of prohibitions, and the construction and maintenance of the filing platform. andOnce again, it is clearly pointed out that medical representatives shall not undertake the task of drug sales, and shall not carry out academic promotion activities in medical institutions without filing.

In fact, in 2019, the "impact" of the pharmaceutical industry with volume procurement, but also the state disguised squeeze "price moisture" measures, the health insurance bureau to make pharmaceutical enterprises "difficult to withstand the soul to bargain".

With the "fire" in 2020 "to burn" the field of medical equipment. On May 7, the National Health Insurance Administration asked localities to report the use of three types of products: coronary stents, coronary balloons and artificial crystals in 2019. The signal released is obvious-the first national centralized procurement in the field of consumables (hereinafter referred to as "national procurement") is ready to knock the "starting gun" at any time ".

Friends who want to switch to the medical equipment industry also need to reconsider.

Maybe this time it's a real wolf ".

Enterprise:The herd of sheep"

Chunjiang Plumbing Duck Prophet, the sensitivity of enterprises to policy directly reflects the adjustment of structure personnel. With the release of the NMPA draft approach again, some foreign pharmaceutical companies have already taken action.

For example, Roche, the head company in the field of oncology drugs, recently issued an internal notice announcing that it will launch a comprehensive "patient-centered" business model innovation with the BUO1 Merohua team as a pilot. The current "Ritrova Team" will be changed to the "Lymphoma Sub-Junior College Innovation Team" as a whole, with 100 percent focusing on the standardized diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma in China and the improvement of survival benefits for lymphoma patients.

Importantly, it is said that Roche's team will cancel the sales target assessment from October 1. New patient enrollment, meetings, visits, regional sinking, etc. may become new assessment programs, specific policies have not yet been announced.

Does Roche's adjustment indicate that foreign pharmaceutical companies will collectively transform? Will the cancellation of sales targets become a regular model for future pharmaceutical representatives?

Some people also say that the assessment of new patients into the group is tantamount to changing from the assessment of purchase to the assessment of pure sales volume, which requires higher requirements for medical representatives.

1. the transformation of pharmaceutical representative functions

As early as 2013, GSK made a transformation due to compliance events in China, announcing the cancellation of personal sales targets for medical representatives. The remuneration of medical representatives will be linked to the quality of services provided to doctors, professional knowledge and the overall performance of the company's business. Become the first foreign pharmaceutical company to cancel the sales target of pharmaceutical representatives. GSK's medical representatives said that the G division has no indicators, only goals.

At the end of 2018, coinciding with the start of volume procurement, Youshi became the second foreign pharmaceutical company to cancel the sales target of pharmaceutical representatives. It was announced that the position of medical representative would no longer be set up, and the original medical representative would be transformed into a medical information partner. The assessment no longer takes sales performance as the target, but how to cooperate with doctors and finally bring better treatment plans to patients.

2. Medicine Team Structure Adjustment

In 2020, the sinking of special drugs by multinational pharmaceutical companies has become the focus of the layout.

According to statistics, the growth rate of county and grass-roots public hospitals in China was higher than that of first-line public hospitals (+ 3%) in 2019.The scale of the primary public medical market exceeded 180 billion yuan, up +8.2% year on year;The market sales of county-level public hospitals reached 321.2 billion yuan, up 5.1 year on year.

Previously, the general medicine team was the focus of the grass-roots layout, with the volume of procurement forced,On the one hand, if the products in the grass-roots market are not basic drugs that do not enter the medical insurance, they will not be able to enter the hospital, and the layout of the grass-roots market has become empty talk. On the other hand, the basic drugs that have entered the medical insurance are exchanged for quantity by price, and whether there is room for market sales after the price reduction also needs to be considered.

Multinational companies have innovative drugs as a future growth point, driving it to become a new layout focus.

AstraZeneca:In April 2020, a county-level oncology team (subdivided into a lung cancer team and a non-lung cancer team) was established, which, to some extent, is the first time a multinational pharmaceutical company has done a county-level oncology market in China.This team will cover all oncology products, including Tarixa, Iressa, etc., and even PD-L1 that have just launched.It is planned to increase investment so that on average each county has a full-time tumor representative coverage, and the county tumor team recruits hundreds of people in total.

Sanofi:In May 2020, it was announced to adjust the business structure in China to separate general and special drugs in China to pave the way for the sinking of special drugs.At the same time, he said that he would adjust the general medicine team in the grass-roots market. Some provinces should optimize more than 10 posts and focus on covering the special medicine field.

With the further landing of the policy, the future may drive more enterprise pharmaceutical representative function transformation or team structure adjustment.

Hospital:Expect more "academic" representatives.

Due to nearly two decades of non-compliance in pharmaceutical sales, hospitals were once increasingly afraid and unwilling to receive pharmaceutical representatives.

With the increasingly stringent regulations and supervision in recent years, coupled with policy restrictions, doctors' willingness to re-accept medical representatives needs a transitional stage, but the overall is positive.

A 2019 study by Dr. Chunyu shows:65% of doctors hold a positive attitude towards the profession of medical representatives, and 62% of doctors believe that the medical information transmitted by medical representatives is helpful to clinical practice. It can be seen that the overall positive attitude of doctors is greater than the negative attitude in the delivery of clinically relevant medical information by medical representatives.


The professional performance of medical representatives in academic information and respect for doctors' personal time can be more recognized by doctors.


The most popular promotion methods for doctors are "WeChat Public Number", "Network Academic Conference" and "Third Party Medical Website/App". Moreover, the growth trend of network academic conferences is the highest.


Respiratory medicine, neurology, digestive physicians like the promotion of WeChat public number; dermatology, urology doctors prefer network academic conferences.


Doctors believe that the most useful information delivered by the representative during the visit is new drug information. And I hope that representatives can help them learn the latest drug knowledge and optimize rational drug use.

As in previous years, more than half of doctors still believe that medical representatives will pay too much attention to the dissemination of drug information in the process of product information promotion, while ignoring the clinical needs of doctors.

We can see that in the Chinese occupation "canon", the definition of the work content of medical representatives is:

1, the development of pharmaceutical products promotion plans and programs;2. Transference of information related to medical products to medical personnel;3. Assist medical personnel in rational drug use;4. Collect and feedback the clinical use of drugs.

This is also consistent with the expectations of doctors for the functions of medical representatives.

Are you the final winner?

In 2019, the scale of China's pharmaceutical market will reach about 1.64 trillion yuan, and it is expected to reach about 2.13 trillion yuan in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 16%. The increase in drug sales and the introduction of new products are the main drivers of market growth.

Despite the expiration of patented drugs, with the amount of procurement and other effects. With the help of commercial insurance (commercial insurance is expected to account for 15% of total health insurance outflows in 2021), it is expected that most of the future growth of foreign pharmaceutical companies will come from innovative drugs. It has more advantages for multinational enterprises with R & D and clinical trial strength in China.

In the future, it is more likely to be assessed in other ways than the cancellation of sales targets for pharmaceutical representatives.

1. present sales metrics in another form

Not carrying sales targets may lead to a decline in corporate revenue in the short term; in addition, the transformation to other assessment methods also faces certain challenges, including the overall acceptance of employees. But at present it seems that more compliance must be the future trend.

At present, the transformation direction of sales indicators mainly includes the following items:The evaluation of quantity and quality of promotion effect, visiting behavior and holding meetings; For example, the bonus policy of a foreign company in 2019 temporarily replaced the sales index with "promotion effect;The effect of the department meeting/product presentation meeting; For example, a small foreign company changed the sales department into an academic promotion department;KOL relationship expansion and maintenance, etc.

In addition, the name of a pharmaceutical representative can be changed to key account management, clinical consultant, professional education, etc. These people may still report to the sales team. On the other hand, the transformation and segmentation also help to realize revenue growth through diversification.

2. general drugs, special drugs are divided into promotion teams, the sinking trend is biased towards special drugs.

With volume procurement, health insurance negotiations tend to normalize, in the Chinese market general and special drugs in two different modes of more efficient.

Given the huge research and development and market costs, as well as the sales characteristics of different product life cycles, special drugs will still require high growth.

Special drugs to seize the county market or will set off a new round of competition. But it is impossible for all medical representatives to make special drugs, which makes it seem to be a false proposition to seize the grassroots.

3. professional requirements

This can be seen from the expectations of most doctors and the state's professional definition of medical representatives. In the future, pharmaceutical representatives who only know how to sell will be eliminated.

In fact, many multinational companies generally pay more attention to the medical academic marketing of their products in their own countries, and some even directly hire medical research scientists and doctors as promoters.

4. "Internet" and other innovative technology applications combined with promotion

According to the survey, pharmaceutical representatives in the United States will devote 10% of their energy to online sales. Previously, China's digital marketing may still be developing, but after this outbreak, it was directly overdriven.

Many foreign companies have also responded to the changes, adding online meetings, online visits and other indicators to the 2020 Q1 Q2 in the assessment of pharmaceutical representatives. From F2F to O2O, pharmaceutical companies promote new trends to promote the transformation of pharmaceutical representatives.

5. medicine represents the future talent model

In the future, there is a need for a more refined distinction between the competency models of pharmaceutical representatives for different markets, e.g,Innovative drugs: drug access;Original research drug: differentiated product management;Generic drugs: multi-channel marketing;OTC drugs: online and offline pharmacies.


▲ Requirements for the ability of enterprises to finely distinguish between medical representatives

Medical representatives need to focus on improving their basic medical knowledge, disease knowledge, drug knowledge, competitive knowledge, compliance binding force, awareness and improvement of customer concepts, and more professional visits.

Medical representatives or become "history"?

In the future, the number of medical representatives may become less and less, and most of them may leave the industry forever, which is getting closer and closer to foreign countries.

The functions of the remaining medical representatives will become more and more diluted, while the functions related to medicine will be strengthened. The so-called clinical needs of doctors are all in the medical category, and a large number of sales personnel with non-medical background will be eliminated or pushed to the edge.

Because clinical value advantages will be paid more and more attention, product research and development is basically a marketing strategy based on product advantages and medical data, which is not like the previous need for a bunch of representatives to go to public relations customers.

Under the repeated "shocks", some of China's medical representatives switched to selling coffee, some started businesses as agents, and perhaps more of them stayed.


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