The company requires to do a good job in summer safety production

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With the advent of the high temperature season, the group company issued a notice a few days ago to make arrangements for safe production in summer.

The notice requires the company's subordinate units to attach great importance to summer production safety work,All production and business units shall hold a special meeting on safety production in summer. According to the characteristics of summer production, focus on safety risk analysis for mines, outdoor operations, and high-temperature positions, and implement control measures to avoid safety accidents such as burns, heatstroke, and electric shock.

In order to further strengthen the safety production management in the high temperature season, the notice requires the main person in charge of each production and business unit to lead a team to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the production and business premises according to the characteristics of summer production; strengthen the daily safety production inspection of key posts and special posts; timely rectify the found unsafe behaviors and hidden dangers; Strengthen the management of the storage and use of flammable, explosive, dangerous chemicals and drugs; cooling measures shall be taken for the space exceeding the storage temperature limit of articles. If it is found that the electrical equipment circuit and exhaust fan circuit are aged and damaged, replace them in time and keep the grounding wire in good condition. Do a good job in checking the fire pool, pipeline water pressure and fire extinguishing equipment to ensure that the fire fighting facilities are sensitive, intact and reliable.

The high temperature in summer is also a period of frequent occurrence of heatstroke and other diseases. The notice requires all units to do a good job in heatstroke prevention and cooling, implement various relevant measures, and equip necessary cooling facilities or materials such as fans, air conditioners, ice cubes and other cooling facilities or materials according to the conditions of the production site; do a good job in the distribution of heatstroke prevention drugs, supplies and cool drinks in workshops, warehouses, construction sites and other production lines; strengthen canteen management to prevent food poisoning.