Party Committee of Pharmaceutical Company Organize Experiential Training of "Casting Team" for College Students

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In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of college students and further stimulate their work passion, sense of responsibility and team spirit, on May 26, 60 college students from different units, departments and positions of the pharmaceutical company carried out experiential training of "taking responsibility, strong execution, training morale and building team" at the Wolong Lake Outward Bound Training Base in Lanxi.

All the staff were randomly divided into four groups, and the team leader, team badge, team name and slogan were established respectively. This activity set up a total of training programs such as "passionate applause", "collaborative water collection", "challenge for 5 minutes", "command from a distance" and "draw a beautiful blueprint together". Some of these programs need competition and confrontation between groups, some need mutual cooperation between groups, and the summary and communication of instructors are interspersed, the employees have a deeper understanding of the significance of this expansion.

The "collaborative water intake" project needs to stand on the ground 1.8 meters away from the specified red line. This project tests the planning ability of team leaders and the trust among team members. In the first round, the completion time of the group with good planning was twice as fast as that of the group without planning. In the second round, after everyone learned the lessons and experiences of the first round and trusted each other more, each group made obvious progress.

The "Challenge for 5 Minutes" project requires everyone in each team to complete four team cooperation projects of "Rapid Transmission", "No Forest Falling", "Everyone Bumping the Ball" and "Passionate Applause" within 5 minutes. This link tests the team's cooperation ability and tenacity. In order to complete the challenge within the limited time, the team members of each group devoted themselves wholeheartedly, made mistakes in the process of the challenge, and did not get discouraged or complain. Everyone was tenacious and finally completed the challenge successfully.

The most impressive thing is the last project, called "Drawing a Beautiful Blueprint Together". The four teams that competed for a day worked together to enlarge the pattern printed with the corporate tenet of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical, "Science and Technology Creates Health", through pencils, rulers, brushes, and paints, onto a huge spray painting 6 meters long and 3.75 meters wide. Each team made 1/4, made them, and then spliced them into a whole. As the huge drawing gradually took shape, every employee showed excitement and pride on his face. At the end of the drawing, everyone's emotions reached the top, and everyone couldn't help but clap enthusiastically.

This experiential training not only shorted the distance between employees, enhanced feelings, but also improved personal ability and team cooperation, and played a good role in promoting the construction of an excellent and efficient team.