The company organizes internal control management knowledge training

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In order to strengthen the company's internal control management and standardize the procedures and processes of each link in the production and operation process,6Month24In the afternoon, the Audit Performance Management Department of the Group took the lead in organizing internal control management training.

The training was delivered by Chen Tianci, chairman of the board of supervisors of the group company. He elaborated on the establishment, management standards and norms of the company's internal control system from several aspects, such as the development process of the company's internal control management, the contents and compilation requirements of the internal control manual, and the interpretation of the internal control system with a high degree of relevance to the company's daily business activities. He pointed out that internal control management is the institutional guarantee for the survival and development of enterprises. By establishing a systematic management system and implementing it, enterprises can ensure the implementation of business policies and various decisions, promote the compliance, science and effectiveness of various business management activities, and promote the transformation of enterprises from experience management mode to scientific management mode. He also analyzed and interpreted the contents and key points of several internal control systems with high relevance to the company's daily business activities.

Relevant management personnel of functional departments and offices of the group company, management teams of subordinate units and relevant personnel of procurement, sales, project management, contract management, customer evaluation, etc. participated in the training.