Pharmaceutical knowledge training organized by preparation workshop

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7Month9On the same day, the preparation workshop of the peak pharmaceutical factory organized all the staff to carry outGMPPharmaceutical basis, microbiological and the latest revision ofGMPAppendix Knowledge Training of Sterile Drugs.

The training was delivered by Ye Yingqiao, an employee of the quality assurance department of the pharmaceutical factory. She gave a detailed account of GMPconcept, source and development, analyzed the implementationGMPThe purpose of, and with everyone to learn the specific content of drug production quality management standards. Ye Yingqiao learned the basic knowledge of microorganisms with the employees from the aspects of the requirements for microorganisms in pharmaceutical production, the sources of microbial contamination of drugs and the prevention of microbial contamination of drugs. She also elaborated on the latest revision ofGMPThe revised background, revised contents and new contents of "sterile drugs" in the appendix, and some problems on the post are discussed with the employees.