Pharmaceutical companies organize correspondent business training and collection.

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In order to further strengthen the construction of the team of correspondents of pharmaceutical companies and improve the writing and reporting level of grassroots correspondents,7Month10On the same day, the Party Committee of the pharmaceutical company organized various departments and subordinate enterprises of the pharmaceutical industry.50More than one correspondent participated in the news writing related knowledge training, and other foreign enterprises such as Anhui Xinbeika and Tianjin Flanders participated simultaneously through the video conference system.

This training invited Director He Chengming of Jinhua Daily to give lectures. The contents include news in the general sense and news in the professional sense, five elements of news, news authenticity, news habits, news genre, how to write good news, news stories, etc. Mr. He Chengming also passed Zhou Xiaoguang, a deputy to the National People's Congress.three fast.Village director, Shoudao Wang Jicai couple incident to explain the news to be true, true to have vitality. The training content is easy to understand, not only news theory, but also news practice, news hot spots, as well as the characteristics of peak news reports.

After the training, the pharmaceutical company also organized correspondents in Jin to go to Jinxi factory area of Jianfeng pharmaceutical factory to carry out collective gathering activities. Everyone visited the production sites such as raw material workshop, powder injection workshop, comprehensive preparation workshop, warehouse raw and auxiliary materials storage area, sewage treatment station, etc. The heads of each workshop department introduced the workshop facilities and equipment, technological process, operation process, characteristics and curative effect of main products, name of warehouse raw and auxiliary materials, principle and measures of waste water and waste gas treatment, etc.

Zheng Kunwu, director of the pharmaceutical factory, explained in detail the division of production areas, general situation of the enterprise, main products, production lines of each workshop, on-site management, formulation of production plans, whole-process inspection of the central laboratory, intelligent control of sewage treatment, safety assessment, labor discipline assessment, formulation of department assessment, implementation and punishment of management, etc. of the pharmaceutical factory, and played the corporate promotional film of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical. Ni Zhenyu, the production department, explained the contents of visual standardization and work standardization in pharmaceutical factories. This gathering also gave the correspondents an in-depth understanding of the production site, enterprise operation, assessment and management mechanism of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory.

After the collective gathering, the pharmaceutical company also asked each correspondent to write a training thought, carry out writing practice, and conduct evaluation.