Party Branch of Pharmaceutical Sales Company Launches Theme Party Day Activities

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To celebrate the founding of the Communist Party of China99to inherit and carry forward the party's glorious tradition and fine work style,7Month10On the afternoon of the 15th, the party branch of the pharmaceutical sales company launched a commemoration of the founding of the party.99Anniversary andFour HistoryLearning theme party day activities.

At the meeting, all party members once again studied the "Implementation Plan for the Rectification of State-owned Enterprise Party Members, Regulations and Excellence," and signed the "Jinhua City State-owned Enterprise Party Members Strict Rules and Discipline Commitment. Zhou Wenyi, publicity member of the Party branch of the sales company and general manager of the sales company, gave a vivid and wonderful lecture to all Party members.Four History(Party History, New China History, History of Reform and Opening-up, History of Socialist Development) Theme Education Party Class. History is the best.Textbook”“Nutritional agentandsobering agent, learn wellFour Historyhas a particularly important practical significance. LearningFour HistoryIt is a compulsory course for Communists, Zhou Wenyi said,Four HistoryRich in content and grand in narrative, we must seize the main line and grasp the direction.Four HistoryAlthough the content has its own emphasis, the overall talk is about the practical history of the Communist Party of China for the happiness of the people, the rejuvenation of the nation, and the great unity of the world. The leadership of the Communist Party of China isFour HistoryThe main line. Party branch of pharmaceutical sales company will continue to study deeplyFour History, to promote party members to find answers from history, inFour HistoryDraw spiritual strength from the classics and enhance it effectivelyFour Consciousness, firmFour self-confidence, doTwo maintenance, build the foundation of faith, replenish the calcium of spirit, and stabilize the rudder of thought.