Pharmaceutical companies conduct mid-year inventory of drugs in stock.

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 In order not to affect the normal development of the company's daily sending and receiving business,6Month20On the same day, Jinhua Pharmaceutical Company took advantage of the weekend to conduct a mid-year inventory of drugs in stock.

In order to be able to timely, accurate and comprehensive control and carry out operational activities, pharmaceutical companies should conduct an inventory of drugs in stock in the middle of the year and at the end of the year. According to the inventory list, the relevant personnel in the warehouse of the pharmaceutical company will check and check the appearance, location and quantity of the drugs one by one. Through the inventory work in the middle of the year, the accurate quantity of drugs in stock was counted and summarized in time, so as to better control the inventory level of drugs and the rationality of the stock structure, and also provide research data for the summary and analysis of best-selling drugs and unsold drugs.