Natural products companies through Europe and the United States two organic certification

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On April 30, Tianjin Jianfeng Natural Products Company's apple and ginseng series extract products obtained EU organic certification (EC) and US organic certification (NOP) certificates respectively.

EU Organic Certification (EC) is the European inspection and certification body for organic products, with the qualification of identifying whether organic products meet the standards of Europe, Japan and the United States. The EC certificate mark is one of the most authoritative organic certification certificates in the world today. It is trusted by consumers and the organic industry. It has great credibility in the international market and is the guarantee for Chinese organic products to enter almost all organic markets in the world. American Organic Certification (NOP) is the most authoritative organic certification in the United States. Any manufacturer and distributor who intends to sell organic products in the United States market must pass the certification of American organic NOP, and the certification of NOP is signed by the American Bureau of Agriculture. Qualified, organic ingredient suppliers must also be certified by NOP.

In the European and American markets, products with EC and NOP certification marks mean that they have the guarantee of high quality and high credibility. They are safe and assured organic products, and they are easier to gain the trust of consumers. Since its establishment, the natural products company has been facing the international market, and with the improvement of domestic and foreign consumers' demand and standards for organic products, it has continuously strengthened quality management, continuously introduced new organic products, and won the trust of consumers. Prior to this, the plant extracts and plant pigment products of natural product companies have entered the European and American markets and won the trust of many customers. This time, the two series of Apple and Ginseng products have obtained organic certification from the European Union and the United States, giving Jianfeng natural product products in the European and American markets. The expansion and sales of the company will further provide protection and bring greater convenience to the future development of natural product companies.