Medical reform needs the support and cooperation of all parties in the society

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China's medical reform development report has become an important carrier to reflect the process of medical reform every year. It not only reflects the achievements of medical reform, but also analyzes the existing problems. The new coronary pneumonia epidemic highlights the extremely important role of health care in people's livelihoods, economic development and social stability. The emphasis on the field of medical health is an important symbol of the degree of social civilization. Over the years, the party and the state have attached great importance to the development of health care, the medical and health industry has also made a lot of efforts, and remarkable achievements have been made in health work. However, it should also be noted that medical reform is a worldwide problem, involving all aspects of society, and some key issues need to be recognized and solved by all sectors of society.

For example, my country's current investment in medical and health care is insufficient. The total health expenditure accounts for only about 6% of GDP, and the international average is about 9.9. If the investment is not sufficient, the health care system facing the 1.4 billion population will indeed have difficulties.

For example, the price of medical care also needs attention. Cost control is a very important thinking and action orientation of medical reform, but in the case of low medical prices and insufficient state investment, cost control violates economic laws, affects the support for medical quality, and is an important reason for the tension between doctors and patients. In the process of fighting the epidemic, the noble professionalism shown by the medical profession has won the respect of the whole society, and if the future continues to take fee control as the main line of thinking and action in the case of already low prices, the doctor-patient relationship may "relapse of old diseases".

Medical reform also faces the problem that human resources are not enough and have not been fully utilized. Promoting the development of the industry during and after the epidemic is a very important issue for all walks of life. The industry management department should serve the society by creating conditions for the industry and developing the industry well. How to protect and develop the industry is an important issue to think about now.

The health industry is very professional. We must do a good job in medical treatment, medical education and research professionally, so as to embody professionalism in science, technology, management and culture, win the understanding and respect of the society, and promote the healthy and better development of the industry.