Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory Held Special Meeting on Safety Production

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7Month22On the afternoon of the 15th, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory held a special meeting on production safety and a monthly summary meeting on production safety.

At the meeting, the pharmaceutical factory Anhuanke to 2020In the first half of the year, the safety and environmental protection work and safety month activities were summarized and reviewed, and the safety and environmental protection self-inspection and production site of pharmaceutical companies were introduced.Three violationsPhenomenon, safety monthly safety assessment of pharmaceutical factories, shortcomings and difficulties of safety and environmental protection of pharmaceutical factories, etc. The main person in charge of the pharmaceutical factory requires all workshop departments to learn the "Safety Production Law" and its related laws and regulations, learn relevant safety production regulations and rules and regulations, improve safety production operation skills and self-protection awareness, and let employees realize the safety production from the ideological level. Importance and necessity; for the problems and hidden dangers in the inspection, it is necessary to organize and implement rectification in time to completely eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents.

During the meeting, the pharmaceutical factory also played a 1984India's Bhopal gas leak led to nearly60The typical accident cases of 10,000 deaths warn everyone to attach great importance to safety production ideologically, always tighten the string of safety production, and effectively prevent and curb the occurrence of various accidents.