Dr. Yang Xiaoxiao, a postdoctoral workstation of a pharmaceutical company, entered the station to open the topic.

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8Month5On the afternoon of the 15th, Dr. Yang Xiaoxiao of Hefei University of Technology entered the station to hold a review meeting in Jianfeng Building.

The name of Dr. Yang Xiaoxiao's research project is "Research on the Effect and Mechanism of Roxalus on Alcoholic Fatty Liver". In the opening report, she discussed the background of the research project, the significance of the topic, the key problems to be solved, the solution plan, the main technical difficulties and innovation points, the work schedule and the budget, etc., and accepted the questions and comments of the expert group.

The expert group of the opening review meeting is headed by Professor Duan Yajun of Hefei University of Technology. The members include Chairman of Jianfeng Group, Chairman of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical, and Senior Engineer Jiang Xiaomeng, Researcher of Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd. Yang Dalong, Director of Yiwu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine He Jinkui, Associate Professor Li Lu of School of Pharmacy of Zhejiang University, Associate Professor Chen Guozhong and General Manager and Senior Engineer Huang Long of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical of Hangzhou Normal University. Leaders from Jinhua Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Jinhua Economic and Technological Development Zone and other relevant departments also attended the meeting.

As a member of the expert group, Jiang Xiaomeng said at the meeting that the incidence of fatty liver is increasing year by year, and there are few effective drugs on the market to treat this disease. Roxadustat is already on the market, its safety is guaranteed, and it is effective in the treatment of anemia caused by kidney disease. This project hopes to provide a theoretical basis for roxadustat for other indications through research, which has extremely important theoretical significance and application value.

After discussion, the expert group believed that the topic of Dr. Yang Xiaoxiao's research project was appropriate, well-founded, with clear objectives and requirements, and the design scheme was feasible. Dr. Yang Xiaoxiao was able to undertake the research of the subject, and the relevant funds and schedule were reasonable, and agreed to open the topic.