Pharmaceutical factory raw material workshop organization vocational skills training

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7Month29Day-31On the 15th, the raw material workshop of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory organized employees to carry out vocational skills training by taking advantage of the gap between the shutdown and renovation of the workshop.

This training is taught by the internal trainer of the pharmaceutical factory, the content includes the basic theory of safety production management, enterprise safety production management, safety production objectives, organization and responsibilities, laws and regulations and safety management system, production equipment and facilities, accident emergency rescue, hazard source identification and risk evaluation, hot work safety points, limited space operation safety protection, basic knowledge of pressure vessel, pressure vessel category, pressure vessel grade, special equipment classification, pressure and temperature control, and basic knowledge of pressure pipeline classification and grading of pressure pipelines, significance of aseptic control, quality policy requirements, concept and scope of aseptic drugs, pyrogen reaction, bacterial endotoxin, characteristics and sources of microorganisms, quality management practices for pharmaceutical production, deviation treatment and case analysis, GMPRequirements for deviation, deviation level, deviation handling process, significance of implementing deviation management, safety warning education film, etc.

The content of this training is concise and practical, which further strengthens the learning of theoretical knowledge of post operators, so that employees can connect theory with practice and better master the operation skills of the post. At the same time, let employees effectively improve safety risk awareness, prevention awareness, responsibility awareness and self-protection awareness to ensure safe production.