From September onwards, these eight categories of drugs will no longer be included in the basic medical insurance.

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The National Medical Security Administration recently issued the "Interim Measures for the Administration of Basic Medical Insurance Drugs", clarifying that eight categories of drugs, including drugs that mainly play a tonic role and health care drugs, will no longer be included in the "Basic Medical Insurance Drug List." The Interim Measures shall come into force on September 1, 2020.

The eight categories of drugs specified in the Interim Measures are: drugs that mainly play a nourishing role; drugs containing national precious and endangered wild animal and plant medicinal materials; health care drugs; preventive vaccines and contraceptive drugs; drugs that mainly enhance sexual function, treat hair loss, lose weight, and beauty Drugs that play a role in quitting smoking and alcohol; drugs that cannot be charged separately due to being included in the diagnosis and treatment items; alcohol preparations, tea preparations, all kinds of fruit-flavored preparations (except for children's drugs under special circumstances), oral buccal agents and oral effervescent agents (except for special provisions), etc.; Other drugs that do not meet the basic medical insurance drug use regulations.

The "Interim Measures for the Administration of Basic Medical Insurance Medication" issued as the "Order No. 1" of the National Medical Insurance Administration is regarded as the "rule" for the adjustment of the medical insurance catalog in the future ". According to the Interim Measures, the medical security administrative department of the State Council shall establish and improve the dynamic adjustment mechanism, which shall be adjusted once a year in principle.

The Interim Measures clarify that if the drugs in the Basic Medical Insurance Drug List have any of the following conditions, they will be directly transferred out of the list after expert review: the drug approval documents are revoked, revoked or canceled by the drug regulatory authority; by the relevant departments Included in the negative list; comprehensively considering factors such as clinical value, adverse reactions, and drug economics, it is estimated that the risk exceeds the benefit; enter the catalogue by means of fraud and other illegal means; other circumstances that should be directly transferred out as stipulated by the state.

The relevant person in charge of the National Medical Insurance Administration said that the formulation of this interim measure is mainly to protect the basic drug needs of the insured, improve the scientific and refined management of basic medical insurance drugs, and improve the efficiency of the use of basic medical insurance funds.