Leaders of Pharmaceutical Companies Visit Gold Enterprises

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 8Month10On the 2nd, Huang Jinlong, general manager of the pharmaceutical company, Jin Huazhong, secretary of the party Committee, Shen Quan, deputy general manager, and his party visited the Jinxi factory area of the pharmaceutical company, the construction site of the Jinxi phase ii project, the plant extraction workshop, the preparation workshop, the pharmaceutical company, the peak pharmacy, the sales company, etc. in the gold enterprises and departments to express their condolences to front-line employees, send heatstroke prevention drugs, and instruct everyone to pay attention to heatstroke prevention and safe production.

Huangjinlong and his party also conducted special inspections on the production and storage sites, warehouses and other places of hazardous chemicals of the company, and learned in detail about the company's product research and development, production and operation, power load, fire-fighting facilities, etc., and required that in the process of product research and development, all departments It is necessary to carry out effective planning, organization, leadership and control, and communicate and solve problems in time. At the same time, golden dragon requires enterprises to do a good job in production and operation, at the same time, do not forget the particularity of the high temperature season, implement various heatstroke prevention and cooling measures, and always care for the health of employeesNo matter how busy the production is, no matter how busy the construction is, no matter how busy the operation is, we can't forget safety..