Spike Pharmaceuticals Appears in Sipu to Explore New Marketing Models

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        8Month12Day-17day,Day-by-Day Trail——New era of life-cycle health managementfor the theme2020The Western Conference was held in Boao, Hainan. Huang Jinlong, deputy general manager of the group company and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, and relevant personnel of the pharmaceutical sales company attended the event.

From the mainstream brand industry, mainstream commercial retail enterprises, experts, domestic and foreign capital institutions, new technology companies and other fields, a total of 6000More than official representatives attended the West Conference. For the first time, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical tried to participate in the conference in the form of booth cabinets and reception rooms. It used display cabinets to introduce products and display brands in the main conference hall, and played enterprise videos and product collections circularly. A reception room will be set up in the venue for the intention cooperation negotiation of chain end customers. During the meeting, the staff participating in the meeting had extensive contact with their pharmaceutical counterparts and terminal chains, listened to front-line sales experience, collected relevant information about terminal chains, and gathered the market dynamics of the top 100 chains.

In front of the predictable trillion-dollar drug retail market, pharmaceutical sales companies switch ideas with chain cooperation, 80%The above chain by the province's self-control commercial unified distribution, and thus reduce the risk of payment, release personnel energy, concentrate resources for content output and store sales. The relevant person in charge of the pharmaceutical sales company said that the purpose of actively embracing the chain of prescription drugs is to enable enterprises to take a solid step in the sales planning of multi-customer structure, so as to better cope with the uncertainty brought about by the medical reform policy to the operation of enterprises. After the Sipu meeting, the pharmaceutical sales company will continue to follow up and negotiate with chain end customers, more effectively implement the landing cooperation plan, turn the intention into orientation, and further explore win-win cooperation with the terminal chain market.