Jinhua chain pharmacy big "physical examination" peak pharmacy got an "A"

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The Jinhua City Market Supervision Bureau recently announced the results of the drug quality credit rating of the city's drug retail chain enterprises. The Peak Pharmacy was ratedALevel.

According to the spirit of the document "Implementation Plan for the Classification and Management of Drug Quality and Credit of Jinhua Pharmaceutical Trading Enterprises" and in accordance with the relevant evaluation standards, Jinhua Market Supervision Bureau34A pharmaceutical retail chain that meets the assessment requirements (headquarters)2019The annual drug quality credit rating is assessed, involving stores.1498Home. Scoring will chain headquarters daily supervision and inspection,GSPCertification inspections, administrative penalties and other drug quality-related information, combined with the credit rating results of subordinate stores,.100Divided into basic points, according to the evaluation system points minus points after the formation of the final score,93Points and aboveAClass (trustworthy enterprise),85-92DividedBLevel (basically trustworthy enterprises),80-84DividedCLevel (slightly dishonest enterprises),80The following points areDLevel (seriously dishonest enterprises).

It is understood that the market supervision department will enter the enterprise credit rating evaluation results into the drug safety credit management system of Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration and Jinhua intelligent supervision and supervision platform to establish enterprise credit files. According to the credit rating evaluation results over the years, classified management will be carried out, and low-grade enterprises will increase the frequency of inspection. The "credit rating publicity board of drug trading enterprises" will be hung in the retail drugstore hall, and the evaluation results of the store will be publicized every year, let the people intuitively understand the credit situation of the store. At the same time,AGrade-A enterprises are also the threshold for obtaining the qualification of designated medical insurance units. All kinds of bidding platforms and suppliers will also consider whether to cooperate or not according to the credit rating results of enterprises. Therefore, the drug quality credit rating isAlevel, will have a positive impact on the future operation of the peak pharmacy.