My new understanding of pharmaceutical preparations

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8Month 5Day—7On the 15th, I took part in the preparation of the training of pharmaceutical preparation workers,GMP, drug analysis and other training, after many years of work to re-put into training, practice to review the theoretical knowledge, combined with the future work to continue to put into the future work, will play a great role in promoting the future work.

5I was impressed by the solid preparation training on the morning of the day. Because I work in a solid preparation workshop, I am familiar with and unfamiliar with solid preparations. What I am familiar with is the process operation, and what I am unfamiliar with is the theoretical basis for why I should operate like this. During the training, the lecturer explained the process of solid preparation and the specific composition of solid preparation in detail, and used some prescriptions as examples to explain in detail the role of each ingredient in the process of granulation and powder mixing, and made special instructions on the special parts, such as dry starch, which can be used as both filler and disintegrant, some adhesive paste drugs have the function of adhesive in addition to being the main drug.

After talking about granules, it must be followed by tabletting. Tabletting is also a very important part of the solid preparation process, which directly affects the appearance of tablets and the efficacy of drugs. Among them, the temperature and humidity of the relevant pressure loading are also important influencing factors. The lecturer also specifically pointed out the problems of sticking sheets, weight differences, and corresponding solutions that are easy to occur in production. There is also coating after tableting. The lecturer introduced the type and function of coating, the type of coating material and the common method of coating. After granulation, in addition to tablets, capsules can also be made. The lecturer also introduced the material characteristics of different capsules, the method of subpackaging, the principle of subpackaging equipment, etc., so that everyone has a comprehensive understanding.

After this training, I have a new understanding of solid preparations. There is also a theoretical basis for the problems that may occur in the production process, which can better solve the problems. I also know something about the dosage forms I am not familiar with, and I am ready for more dosage forms to be put into production in the future.