Big pharmacy to add two more chronic disease medical insurance designated pharmacies

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 8Month7On the 15th, Shizhen Pavilion Pharmacy, Shuangxi Pharmacy and Xiaoshun Pharmacy under Jianfeng Pharmacy signed a chronic disease service agreement with Jinhua Medical Security Center to formally fulfill the duties and requirements of chronic disease service points and provide high-quality drug purchase service and after-sales service for chronic disease patients. This year, in addition to Shizhen Pavilion Pharmacy, which continues to win the bid, the big pharmacy has added two designated pharmacies for chronic disease medical insurance, Shuangxi Pharmacy and Filial Piety Pharmacy.

After Jinhua Medical Security Center issued the bidding method for the fourth round of designated retail pharmacies for chronic diseases of medical insurance in Jinhua City, Jianfeng Pharmacy, according to the detailed rules for the implementation of this round of bidding, has made Jindong 3 outside Jiangnan, Jiangbei and Second Ring Road within the streets of the main city.The bidding unit is determined on the basis of merit.3Home chain stores, while preparing3The application for bidding for slow-insured pharmacies in a chain store is on the side.3On the basis of the original varieties of chain stores to increase the corresponding number of chronic disease drugs, timely interpretation of the relevant bidding policies, and actively do a good job.3The bidding work of the chain store.

The total amount of this round of bidding is 12Home, urban chronic disease patients can be in accordance with the provisions of any chronic disease service point pharmacy to buy drugs, chronic disease fixed-point period is.2Years and a half, in the same bidding unit to score high as the best, from high to low ranking to determine the current round of winning pharmacies.7Month6Day, Big Pharmacy Subordinate3The chain store passed the previous drug variety catalogue and the chronic disease variety catalogue on-site check and spot check, submitted the tender application for the slow insurance pharmacy on the same day, and received the winning result.

After winning the bid, Xiang Shunjiao, general manager of the large pharmacy, asked the large pharmacy to further strengthen the 3Supervision and assessment of chronic disease chain stores;3The geographical advantages and operating advantages of the chain stores of chronic diseases actively seek the high-quality personnel and physician resources of the manufacturers to achieve win-win cooperation between the two sides. On the basis of the original hypertension and diabetes, the scope of chronic disease services will be expanded to form a professional chronic disease service site.