Pharmaceutical company passes GSP flight inspection

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In order to standardize the operation behavior of drug wholesale and retail links, strengthen the prevention and control of safety risks, and ensure the quality and safety of drug use and legitimate rights and interests of the public, according to the Jinhua City2020The annual implementation plan for unannounced inspections of pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises (retail chain headquarters) is arranged,7Month29Day-31On the same day, Jinhua Drug Certification and Inspection Center conducted a three-day flight inspection of Jinhua Pharmaceutical Company.

The inspection team inspected the quality management system, personnel management files, personnel qualification and drug sales process of the pharmaceutical company, and focused on spot checks on the on-site management, storage conditions, drug (material) storage quality and staff post operation process of the warehouse, in particular, special drugs such as essence, hemp, poison and release have been strictly and meticulously inspected from procurement to storage to sales and capital return. The final inspection team believes that the quality management system of Jinhua Pharmaceutical Company is basically in line with sound, complete facilities and equipment and normal operation, basically meeting the requirements of management and quality control in the whole process of operation, and the responsibilities of personnel in each post are basically clear and familiar with the post operation procedures. the procurement and acceptance, storage, sales management and after-sales management of drugs are basically standardized, and the management and control of special drugs meet the requirements. The inspection team put forward correction requirements for the problems found in the inspection to effectively ensure the quality and safety of drug trading and storage.

Wu Weisheng, general manager of the pharmaceutical company, said that the quality management of pharmaceutical business is the top priority of the pharmaceutical company. Through the careful and detailed inspection and guidance of the inspection team, the quality management procedures of the enterprise can be standardized and the quality management level of the enterprise can be improved. The pharmaceutical company will use this GSPFlight inspection is an opportunity to further strengthen the whole process of enterprise quality management and employee job skills training, enhance employees' awareness of drug quality management, strengthen on-site supervision and inspection of storage departments, and effectively ensure the quality of drug storage. ensure the quality and safety of drug use by the public, and assume the social responsibility of enterprises.