Provincial Labor Model Visits Peak Pharmaceutical Factory

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  8Month26On the afternoon of the day, the Zhejiang Provincial Federation of Trade Unions organized50More than provincial model workers, accompanied by Qin Xuping, chairman of the trade union of the group company, visited the peak pharmaceutical factory.

The model workers visited the exhibition hall, comprehensive preparation workshop, powder injection workshop, sewage treatment station and other sites of the pharmaceutical factory. Zheng kunwu, director of the peak pharmaceutical factory, introduced the basic situation of the pharmaceutical factory, corporate culture, production scale, equipment and facilities, waste water and waste gas treatment principles and measures, the characteristics and curative effects of the main products, and the second phase of internationalization projects, and answered the questions raised by the model workers one by one by one. The model workers praised the good production environment, perfect energy saving and environmental protection of the peak pharmaceutical factory and the achievements made by the peak in recent years.