Party branch of large pharmacy organizes learning deeds of advanced party members

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In order to fully learn the spirit of advanced figures and play an exemplary and leading role,8Month17On the 15th, the party branch of the peak pharmacy organized all party members to hold a branch meeting to learn the advanced deeds of comrades Teng Qinnan and Shi dingding.

Teng Qinnan served as Party branch secretary of Haoren Village at 23During the year, adhereTo be a secretary is to do practical things for the people.The principle of actively self-financing, the completion of the Huimin project.63One, willPoor and whiteThe backward village has become a model village for rural revitalization. Shi Dingding from the police7For years, inIn this suit, you'll be the first to rush out.The mission of the company is to be diligent in business, to abide by its own duties, to be enthusiastic in teaching apprentices, and to be able to do so.

At the meeting, Zhuang Linfang, deputy secretary of the Party branch of the pharmacy, focused on 2The advanced deeds of some party members and comrades during their lifetime guide party members and cadres to learn their political character of loyalty to the party and not afraid of sacrifice; the dedication spirit of loving their jobs and performing their duties; the feelings of caring for the masses and selfless dedication for the people, and hope that all party members will strengthen their ideals and beliefs, work hard in practical work, strive for advanced positions, and do their best for the operation and development of Jianfeng Pharmacy.