Pharmaceutical factory to participate in highly toxic chemicals practitioners training

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In order to further strengthen the safety management of highly toxic chemicals, effectively enhance the safety awareness and legal awareness of highly toxic chemicals practitioners, and strictly prevent highly toxic chemicals from dispersing into society or causing safety accidents,8Month13On the 15th, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory organized relevant personnel to participate in the training of highly toxic chemical practitioners organized by the Public Security Detachment of Jinhua Public Security Bureau.

This training is taught by teachers from Jinhua Xin 'an Safety Technology Co., Ltd. and Jinhua Surface Engineering Association. The contents include the concept, classification and characteristics of hazardous chemicals, safety management regulations of hazardous chemicals, hazard classification of hazardous chemicals, characteristics and classification of explosives, compressed gas and liquefied gas, flammable solids, spontaneous combustion articles and flammable articles in case of moisture, combustion"three elements, toxic and infectious substances, radioactive substances, corrosive substances and their characteristics, toxic prevention and measures for hazardous chemicals, storage and transportation of hazardous chemicals, public security prevention requirements for storage places of highly toxic chemicals, classification of risk levels and public security prevention levels for highly toxic chemicals, functions and performance requirements of technical prevention systems for highly toxic chemicals, safety management requirements for storage and use of highly toxic chemicals, and highly toxic chemicalsfive pairsmanagement system, etc. During the training, all participants also conducted on-site theoretical examinations.