Pharmaceutical factory to carry out staff skills upgrading training

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 8Month17Day-19On the 3rd, the preparation workshop and powder injection workshop of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory organized employees to carry out a three-day skill improvement training respectively.

The training has a large number of participants and a wide range of training contents, including fire and explosion prevention safety technical knowledge, environmental protection and safety knowledge, standard operating procedures for public systems and various production posts, process procedures for various products in the workshop, operation skills for various posts in the first line of cephalosporin powder injection, knowledge of special equipment, management system for plant and facilities and equipment, and maintenance operation procedures, etc. The participants listened carefully and took notes carefully, all of which indicated that they had gained a lot.

At the same time, in order to ensure the seriousness and standardization of the training, improve the quality of the training, and achieve the expected results of the training, the pharmaceutical factory also implemented a mobile phone supervision system. Before the training, the instructor and the trainees shall turn off the mobile phone or adjust it to vibrate and store it in the mobile phone cabinet.