Pharmaceutical factories take more measures to eliminate "waste on the tip of the tongue"

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Recently, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory has taken many measures to put an end to it.Waste on the tip of the tongue, strengthenrefuse to waste, cherish foodPublicity, improve staff dining mode, effectively avoid waste behavior.

In order to effectively avoid food waste, the pharmaceutical factory changed the dinner plate, changed the large basin for the small basin, changed the large spoon for the small spoon, reasonably arranged the quantity of food, encouraged a small amount of food to be taken more, did not take too much food, reduced waste, and carried out"Operation CD-ROM; EstablishmentStop eating waste supervisorThe whole process of food waste in a timely manner to supervise and stop, urge the canteen to strengthen food control. At the same time, in order to further strengthen publicity and education, and effectively cultivate the habit of saving, the pharmaceutical factory has added a conspicuous place in the canteen.practice strict economy and oppose waste”“Who knows, every grain of Chinese food is hard”“A shameful waste of food, CDs have more face.”“ObjectionWaste on the tip of the tongue’”Publicity signs such as content; Broadcast publicity and education on the TV in the canteen to guide employees to eat in a scientific and civilized way. Starting from me, we should strictly practice thrift, oppose extravagance and waste, and create an atmosphere of shameful waste and glorious economy.