The first batch of Jianfeng Pharmaceuticals to enter Jinhua (Shanghai) Science and Technology Center

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Jinhua "science and technology, talent enclave" settled in Shanghai

The first batch of Jianfeng Pharmaceuticals to enter Jinhua (Shanghai) Science and Technology Center

News from our newspaper  9Month16Japan, Yangtze River DeltaG60At the unveiling ceremony of Jinhua (Shanghai) Science and Technology Innovation Center and Jinhua (Shanghai) Talent Building, Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company and chairman of the pharmaceutical company, took over the golden key with big red flowers from Chen long, secretary of the Jinhua Municipal CPC Committee. Spike Pharmaceuticals became the first to enter the center.7One of the companies.

Yangtze River Delta G60Jinhua (Shanghai) Science and Technology Center and Jinhua (Shanghai) Talent Building are the Yangtze River Delta.G60The first "science and technology, talent enclave" in Shanghai, is also the first cross-regional industrial collaborative innovation center in the science and technology corridor. The center is located in Shanghai Lingang Songjiang Science and Technology City, with a total area of nearly 10,000 square meters. It includes two parts: science and technology innovation and talent service. It has a talent service center, science and technology innovation exhibition center, business incubation center, enterprise research and development center, and talent project Roadshow center, etc.5The big center is a science and technology platform that integrates the functions of project incubation, recruitment of colleges and universities, and recruitment of talents and talents. Chen Long, secretary of the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee, said in his speech at the unveiling ceremony that in the future, all scientific and technological enterprises stationed in Jinhua (Shanghai) Science and Technology Center and Talent Building can equally enjoy Jinhua's local science and technology and talent policies, so as to further break the space limitation, enable talents from the two places to share the most favorable treatment and convenient services, help enterprises to develop in Shanghai and achieve industrialization in Jinhua.

At the ceremony, Chen Long, secretary of the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee, Cheng Xiangmin, secretary of the Shanghai Songjiang District Party Committee, and other leaders presented 7The golden key symbolizes the entry of the enterprise.

At the Yangtze River Delta Integrated Talent Cooperation Project Symposium held after the ceremony, Jiang Xiaomeng spoke as a representative of Jinhua entrepreneurs. He believed that Shanghai, as an international metropolis, has an agglomeration effect on high-end intellectual resources and grasps the first-class element resources of scientific and technological innovation in China and even the world. Yangtze River Delta G60The establishment of Jinhua (Shanghai) Science and Technology Innovation Center and Talent Building helps Jinhua enterprises to take off in scientific and technological innovation and information exchange, and will provide strong and continuous scientific and technological support and intellectual support for the long-term development of enterprises in the future. at the same time, attract more excellent domestic and foreign talents to serve Jinhua enterprises, and play a key role in further improving scientific research ability, innovation ability and personnel training for the settled enterprises.

During the event, Jiang Xiaomeng successively accepted on-site interviews with "People's Daily", "Liberation Daily", "Zhejiang Daily" and other media. He said that the establishment of science and technology innovation and talent bases in Shanghai has greatly enhanced Jinhua's attractiveness to enterprises. "With this base, we don't need to introduce talents to Jinhua, but directly recruit talents in Shanghai, and at the same time enjoy Jinhua's various talent recruitment policies, and change Shanghai talents for Jinhua's use. This is a kind of bold. The innovation has greatly solved the dilemma of attracting talents for enterprises." As a settled enterprise, it will also make full use of its own advantages to continuously inject resource vitality into the science and technology innovation center, and continue to contribute to the long-term development of Jinhua's economy.