After the outbreak of the first drug fair peak pharmaceutical reships exhibition.

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9Month1719Day, No.83The National Pharmaceutical Fair opened grandly in the Guangzhou Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall. Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company and its subordinate Flanders Company participated in the exhibition to promote enterprises and promote products.

Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. meticulously arranged the exhibition. Famous and excellent products such as Weixing (esomeprazole sodium for injection), Xinkeyu (Yafengningxin Dropping Pills), Lester (Aspartate Amlodipine Tablets), Yueyining (Aceclofenac Sustained-release Tablets) and Berunning (Olopatadine Hydrochloride Eye Drops) appeared on the drug fair platform, and came to consult and seek partners. During the drug fair, nearly 4000 products were distributed at the booth site.At the same time, we should further understand the needs of new and old customers, grasp the market demand trend, grasp the key objectives of communication, and then establish new customer relationships while maintaining old customers according to the pharmaceutical market situation.

As the only enterprise in Tianjin that has obtained the production license for special diet control energy products, supplementary energy products, supplementary protein products, nutritional supplements for pregnant women and lactating mothers, Flanders Company has changed its previous practice of waiting for customers at the booth, and has taken the initiative to distribute publicity materials through the crowded channels to drain more customers to the booth. Wang Wei, general manager of Flanders, and Bai Bei, dean of the business school, also took their products into the special interview room of Yajie for an exclusive interview, focusing on the newly launched series of new products.