Spike Pharmaceuticals through the intellectual property system supervision review.

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In order to evaluate whether the operation of the organization and management system of the pharmaceutical company is effectively maintained and improved to determine whether the certification and registration qualification can be maintained, on January 30 and 31, China Regulation (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd. dispatched inspection team members to carry out the second supervision and inspection of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company according to the management system audit plan.

On the afternoon of January 30, the members of the audit team attended the first meeting together with the management representatives of the pharmaceutical company and relevant personnel of other departments. At the meeting, the head of the audit team introduced the purpose, type, scope and guidelines of the review, and specified the review arrangements.

The audit team interviewed the management representatives, reviewed the corresponding provisions of the intellectual property department's system and the comprehensive management department, and conducted on-site reviews of the product development department and the manufacturing department. Through the summary of the results of the sample survey, at the last meeting on January 31, the head of the review team read out the review results and believed that the system review basically met the requirements and there was one common non-conformance. The pharmaceutical company passed the supervision and review.

Pang Xiong, the management representative of the pharmaceutical company, made a concluding speech at the last meeting and expressed hope for the system recertification by the end of 2018.