Pharmaceutical Company Held Symposium on New College Students

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 9Month28In the afternoon, the party committee of the pharmaceutical company held a meeting.2020New college students in the symposium, to understand the work and life of college students, condolencesNational Day, Mid-Autumn FestivalDouble section.

Some of these college students have already been interning in Jianfeng Pharmaceutical and have chosen to stay in Jianfeng Pharmaceutical, while others have just started their job. At the symposium, the college students spoke freely about their feelings about joining the big family of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical. Everyone realizes that Jianfeng Pharmaceutical is a warm home, leaders care, colleagues are harmonious, and work has gained a lot. The theoretical knowledge they have learned has been initially brought into play in practice. Everyone has different feelings, experiences and gains. Some students began to feel a little confused, then they slowly groped, with the help of leaders and colleagues, and gradually found the goal and direction. College students also put forward some good opinions and suggestions, reflecting their concern for enterprises.

Jin Huazhong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Pharmaceutical Company, Zheng Kunwu, Director of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory, and Shi Cunyuan, Manager of Product Development Department, attended the symposium and listened carefully to the speeches of the college students.

On behalf of the pharmaceutical company, Jin Huazhong expressed condolences to college students and wished everyone a safe and happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. He said that Spike Pharmaceuticals is a 21-year-old in the pharmaceutical industry.The company of the year is a company supported by listed companies, a company with strong innovation and entrepreneurial impulse, and a warm and harmonious company. Pharmaceutical companies will further create better environmental conditions for talents, so that college students can grow better in Jianfeng Pharmaceutical. At the same time, he hopes that after entering the enterprise, college students should establish their goals and aspirations according to their own reality, and integrate their aspirations into the needs of the enterprise, grow together with the enterprise, and achieve a win-win situation; they should correctly view the society and the enterprise, especially the negative factors in them, and should be positive and active, and adhere to positive energy. He asked all departments of the pharmaceutical industry to take care of the growth and success of college students as a task, not only at the company level, but also at the department and workshop level, so that care and love can not only stop at slogans and hang in their mouths. He stressed that the prosperity of talents leads to the prosperity of enterprises, and pharmaceutical companies place their wishes on college students.

Zheng Kunwu and Shi Cunyuan also raised hopes and requirements for college students.