Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory Organizes Safety Standardization Review

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9Month3On the 2nd, the Development Zone Branch of Jinhua Emergency Management Bureau commissioned Zhejiang Gaoxin Safety Testing Technology Co., Ltd. to conduct a safety standardization review on Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory.

The expert group inspected the safety production equipment, facilities and hazardous chemical warehouse of the production workshop of the pharmaceutical factory on the spot, consulted the on-site management records and accounts, and put forward suggestions for improvement of the on-site management of the workshop. At the review meeting, the expert group also selected the person in charge of safety, the person in charge of workshop safety, and the front-line employees of the workshop to conduct a safety production knowledge test on the spot, and the test results were all qualified.

After evaluation, the expert group believes that the overall operation of the standardized management system of the peak pharmaceutical factory is good, reaching the three-level safety production standardization requirements.